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Aluminum Windows

We produce aluminum windows for high-mid end projects 

The advantages are the thick profiles and high quality hardware for safety, function and appearance. 

Windows suitable for big or small projects such as privet vila, office buildings and luxury apartment buildings. 

Double glass with Argon gas for heat isolation and thermal break profiles are suitable for Europe and USA markets 


  • Aluminum profiles : 40,55,80,83,120,126,190 mm

  • Thickness : 1.4-3.0 mm 

  • Glass : Double glaze 5+9A+5 / 5+12A+5 or laminated 10.76/ 12.76mm

  • Glass color : Clear, Milky, Grey, Low E, Tined 

  • Hardware : Hoppo, Assa, Rotto, Kinlong 

  • Powder coating finish or Anodize 

  • Slide doors/ Folded Doors / Hinge doors 

  • Slide windows/ Hinge/Casement/Shutter windows

  • Stainless steel mosquito net 

  • Sound proof glass (optional)  

  • Thermal profiles 

  • Architrave frame (optional)


PVC Windows

European and American type of PVC windows.

We use highest level of profile made In Germany or Korea for High Standard projects and the best profile made in China for

Ecomonic projects,  Profiles comes with strong galvanized steel reinforcement 

We can offer the windows with double glass, heat and sound isolation using top brand hardware.

We mainly export these windows in very large quantity to resident projects in Ghana and to central America.  

Different  models are available .

  • PVC Profiles :   60,70,80,88,90,138 mm width

  • Profile Thickness : 2.5 mm 

  • Glass : Single or Double 5-8 mm 

  • Glass Color : White, Blur or Transparent 

  • Optional : Heat Proof and Noise Resistance

  • Steel Support : 1.5mm Galvanized steel Reinforcement inside the Profile. 

  • Hardware: Roto, Assa or Kinlong

  • Sealing : EPDM Rubber 

  • Mosquito Net 

  • White/Cream/Black colors


To learn more please contact us to get the full Windows Catalog 

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